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meet our program alumnI

Since 2013, our Ones To Watch program has been highlighting the talent of emerging producers and providing unique mentorship and industry guidance to accelerate the careers of the next generation of Australia's content creators.

Since its induction, the program has celebrated the diversity of Australian filmmakers, with our 129 alumni coming from every state and territory in the nation and utilising a variety of platforms and formats to tell their stories and share their unique viewpoints.

We have been proud to offer a number of development opportunities during the program's history, including the Foxtel Studio Kickstart (2013 - 2014), the SBS Kickstart (2015), SBS First Look Grant (2016 - 2020) and Screen Australia supported Screen Internship (2013 -) and have enjoyed watching the projects supported by these initiatives progress over the years.


2021 Ones to Watch at SCREEN FOREVER


Jo Austin - Angie Fielder & Polly Staniford, Aquarius Films

Brooke Collard - Ian Darling, Shark Island

Julia Corcoran - Liz Watts, Spirit Pictures

William Duan - Michael McMahon, Big and Little Films

Liam Heyen - Tony Ayres, Tony Ayres Productions

David Holroyd - Nathan Mayfield & Tracey Robertson, Hoodlum Entertainment

Georgia Humphreys - Carly Heaton, Fremantle Australia

Jessica Magro - Helen Bowden & Tess Novak, Lingo Pictures (Awarded Screen Internship)

Hannah Ngo - Chris Oliver-Taylor, Fremantle Australia

Molly O'Connor - Rebecca Summerton, Closer Productions

Kate Separovich - Mike Cowap, Princess Pictures

Sara Taghaode - Nick Murray, CJZ



The QLD 2020 Ones to Watch at SCREEN FOREVER


Chris Luscri - Lizzette Atkins, Unicorn Films

Clare Sladden - Carly Heaton, Fremantle Australia

Danielle Redford - Angie Fielder & Polly Staniford, Aquarius Films

Hayley Adams - Meg O'Connell, Unless Pictures (Awarded SBS First Look Grant)

Joanna Beveridge - Jo Werner, Werner Film Productions

Joshua Longhurst - Alastair McKinnon, Matchbox Pictures

Liz Tomkins - Catherine Nebauer, Northern Pictures

Ljudan Michaelis-Thorpe - Karla Burt, 720 Creative (Awarded Screen Internship)

MahVeen Shahraki - Tracey Vieira, Hoodlum Entertainment

Peter Daly - Jenny O'Shea, Beyond Productions

Philip Tarl Denson - Michael Pontin, See Pictures

Ruby Schmidt - Ian Collie, Easy Tiger Productions



The 2019 Ones to Watch at the Screen Producers Australia Awards

Belinda Dean - Sophia Zachariou, Bunya Productions

Courtney Collins - Deb Cox & Fiona Eager, Every Cloud Productions

Emilia Jolakoska - Samantha Jennings & Kristina Ceyton, Causeway Films

Hayley Johnson - Tracey Vieira, Hoodlum Entertainment

Lizzie Cater - Rob Gibson, Easy Tiger Productions

Mary Duong - Amanda Higgs, Matchbox Pictures

Matthew Webb - Paul Currie, Cosmos Pictures

Nicole Delprado - Catherine Nebauer, Northern Pictures

Jim Wright - Chris Oliver-Taylor, Fremantle

Jo de Fina - Nick Batzias, GoodThing Productions

Paul Moran - Mike Cowap, Princess Pictures

Rachel Higgins - Andrew Mackie, Transmission Films (Awarded Screen Internship)

Rebecca Elliot - Charlotte Wheaton, GoodThing Productions

Riley Nottingham - Ben Ulm, ITV Studios Australia

Taryne Laffar - Lois Randall, Magpie Pictures (Awarded SBS First Look Grant)

Vonne Patiag - Michael McMahon, Matchbox Pictures


The 2018 Ones to Watch at the Screen Producers Australia Awards

Andre Lima - Tim Mcgahan, Blacklab

Bridget May - Ben Ulm, ITV Studios Australia

Brooke Silcox - Rebecca Barry, Media Stockade

Carl Firth - Noel Manzano, Hoodlum

Cody Greenwood - Sam Griffin, Essential Media

Dan Trotter - Jon Casimir, Legacy Media

Dominic Crisci - Antony I. Ginnane, F G Film Productions (Australia)

Grace Rein - Bridget Callow-Wright, Midwinter Films

Jessica Carrera - Jo Werner, Werner Film Productions

Kate Fox - Jenny O’Shea, Beyond Productions

Laura Clelland - Stephen Luby, Ruby Entertainment

Lester Francois - Helen Pankhurst, Matchbox Pictures

Mat Govoni - Tony Ayres, Tony Ayres Productions (Awarded SBS First Look Grant)

Nicolette Minster - Jenni Tosi, Princess Pictures

Rachael Wegener - Chris Oliver-Taylor, Fremantle (Awarded Screen Internship)

Ryan Verbruggen - Rory Callaghan, Screentime

Taylor Litton-Strain - Greer Simpkin, Bunya Productions

Tom Phillips - Kris Wyld, Clandestine Pty Ltd

Tsu Shan Chambers - Angie Fielder & Polly Staniford, Aquarious Films

Olivia Olley - Jo Porter, Fremantle


The 2017 Ones to Watch at their induction day

Abi Tabone – John Edwards & Dan Edwards, Rough Diamond Entertainment

Ann Megalla – Vincent Sheehan, Porchlight Films (Awarded Screen Internship)

Ben Whimpey – David Redman, Redman Entertainment

Drew Macdonald – Imogen Banks, Endemol Shine Australia

Georinga Isles – Toni Malone, CJZ

Hawanatu Bangura – Carmel Travers, Pop Family Entertainment

Joel Kohn – Kristian Moliere, Triptych Pictures (Awarded SBS First Look Grant)

Jonathon Dutton – Kate Croser, KOJO Entertainment

Joshua Gilbert – Mark Ruse, Ruby Entertainment

Kate Paul – Caroline Spencer, Fremantle

Michael O’Neill – Paul Walton, Princess Pictures

Nicole Miller – Stuart Menzies, December Media

Paul Andersen – Jason Stephens, Lingo Pictures

Rebecca Ingram – Deb Cox & Fiona Eagger, Every Cloud Productions

Ross Howden – Janelle Landers, WBMC

Sal Balharrie – Rory Callaghan, Screentime

Tess Meyer – Vicki Madden, Sweet Potato Films

Tina A.Wake – Virginia Whitwell, Madman Entertainment

Tom Slater – Jon Casimir


The 2016 Ones to Watch at SCREEN FOREVER

Aaron Fa’aoso - Nathan Mayfield, Hoodlum

Anita Ondine - Kylie Mascord, Ambience Entertainment

Briege Whitehead - Ed Punchard & Julia Redwood, Prospero Productions

Chris Hocking - Andrea Denholm, Princess Pictures

Darius Devas - Nathan Anderson, Start VR

Elle Croxford - Vicki Madden, Sweet Potato Films

Lauren Elliott - Chloe Rickard, Jungle Entertainment

Liliana Muñoz - Mark Lazarus, Arclight Films

Lina Silva - Carmel Travers, Essential Media and Entertainment

Lou Quill - Alan Erson, Essential Media and Entertainment

Maria Tran - Toni Malone, CJZ

Marissa Mcdowell - Marcus Gillezeau, Firelight Productions

Niall Doran - Madeleine Hetherton, Media Stockade

Nicholas Colla - Mark Ruse, Ruby Entertainment

Ramona Telecican - Amanda Higgs

Rob Innes - Barbara Stephen, Flying Bark Productions

Sandra Pires - Jennifer Wilson, The Project Factory

Tanith Glynn-Maloney - Kylie Washington, Matchbox Pictures

Yingna Lu - Donna Andrews, Sticky Pictures (Awarded Screen Internship)


Bridget Callow-Wright at the Screen Producers Australia Awards

Alex Barnes - Sue Milliken, Samson Productions

Alex Kelly - Julia Overton, Jotz Productions (Awarded SBS Kickstart)

Ana Tiwary - Marcus Gillezeau, Firelight Productions

Bridget Callow-Wright - Vincent Sheehan, Porchlight Films (Awarded Screen Internship)

Christian Doran - Michael Robertson, Prodigy Movies

Christina Radburn - Ian Collie & Rachel Turk, Essential Media and Entertainment

Cindy Li - David Redman, Redman Entertainments

Dustin Clare - Debbie Lee, Matchbox Pictures

Ivy Mak - Andrea Denholm, Princess Pictures

Jaclyn Hewer - Laura Waters, Princess Pictures

Lauren Brunswick - Mark Lazarus, Arclight Films

Phyllis Foundis - Anita Jacoby, ITV Studios Australia 

Rosie Lourde - Amanda Higgs

Timothy Parish - Lucy Mclaren, Renegade Films


Jessica Leslie at the Screen Producerd Australia Awards

Alice Ross - Melissa Kelly, Factor 30 Films

Amanda Reedy - Paul Walton, Princess Pictures

Bec Dakin - Kate Croser, Hedone Productions

Dominique Hurley - David Redman, Instinct Entertainment

Jennifer Jones - Tony Ayres, Matchbox Pictures

Jessica Leslie - Ian Collie, Essential Media and Entertainment (Awarded Studio Kickstart)

Kristy O’Brien - Alan Erson, Essential Media and Entertainment (Awarded Screen Internship)

Kyls Burtland - Andrea Denholm, Princess Pictures

Lisa Hoppe - Lucy Maclaren, Renegade Films

Meg Carlsen - Rosemary Blight, Goalpost Pictures

Rushan Dissanayake - Peter Herbert, Beyond Screen Production

Sarah-Jane Mcallen - David Lightfoot, Ultrafilms

Sonny Vrebac - Guy Gadney, The Project Factory

Stuart Parkyn - Kristian Moliere, Triptych Pictures

Tamasin Simpkin - Amanda Higgs

Tanya Dombkins - Miriam Stein, Hatch Entertainment

Tara Riddell - Sue Armstrong, Tree (Australia)


SPAA Fringe

Behren Schulz - Antony I. Ginnane, IFM Films

Brian Cobb - Kate Croser, Hedone Productions

Christine Williams - Sue Taylor, Taylor Media

Dan Lake - Lucy Maclaren, Renegade Films

Emma Morris - Jennifer Wilson, The Project Factory

Ester Harding - David Redman, Instinct Entertainment

Greg Logan - Janeen Faithfull, Southern Star Entertainment

Jo Dyer - Kylie Du Fresne, Goalpost Pictures

Julian V Costanzo - Debbie Lee, Matchbox Pictures

Juliet Lamont - Janelle Landers, WBMC

Kate Pappas - Tony Wright, December Media

Kristen Souvlis - Donna Andrews, Sticky Pictures

Kylie Bryant - Jen Peedom, Jungleboys

Lara Radulovich - Ian Collie, Essential Media and Entertainment (Awarded Screen Internship)

Lisa Shaunessy - David Lightfoot, Ultra Films (Awarded Studio Kickstart)

Mike Kang - Nicole Minchin, High Wire Films

Pennie Brown - Amanda Higgs, Jahm Productions

Tenille Kennedy - Joanna Werner, Werner Film Productions